Mike, and his wife Lela Huebner, are the parents of three daughters, two of whom are currently attending Blue Valley schools at the middle and elementary school level. The Huebners chose to move to the Blue Valley School District over a decade ago because the reputation spoke for itself. It made sense to move towards excellence and distinguishment in academics as well as our renowned close-knit community.

Mike’s mother, Cheryl, taught in public schools for her entire career. Growing up as the son of a teacher, combined with attending public schools throughout his primary education gave him a unique perspective on the entire unit –  and the effort, care and sacrifice put forth by our teachers.

Mike grew up playing basketball, football, and baseball, as well as running in track and field and continued his football career into college, so it came naturally to further his love for athletics into coaching and cheering on his kids in their various sports. As his daughters have grown older, the joy of providing a free uber service also arisen. As most parents find, the academic discussions and debates that occur on the way to their practices and events more than make up for the lack of tips.  

Mike double majored in Accounting and Economics at Simpson College, passed the CPA exam and then obtained a Masters degree in Accounting from the University of Iowa.   As an accounting and finance professional who has worked in the industry for 20 years, Mike has risen to a leadership position with his current employer in the 12 years since he was hired. Helping that business to grow from a relatively small company to a leading innovator in the industry that was valued at $10 billion in 2021, gives him the experience and wisdom to help navigate the financial decisions that arise at a school board level.

He is also involved in several local nonprofit organizations, notably Sleep in Heavenly Peace where beds are built for kids to keep them from a life of sleeping on floors. Many of us take the luxury of having a bed for granted, so it’s particularly rewarding to get to experience childrens’ eyes light up when they see their new bed.  When not moonlighting as an Uber driver, coaching enjoying college sports (Go Hawkeyes!) and attending Grace Church, Mike serves on the Wilshire Farms HOA board and helps manage the Wilshire Farm’s Swim Team.